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'The answer is pretty simple, you will get more exposure for your business for the least amount of money.

Search engines index your page content within one domain name. If you have multiple domains, this multiplies the chances of having a surfer click on one of them. Beside, the ideal thing is to get possess the major extensions of your domain name, so as to avoid traffic leakage and brand protection.

The most POPULAR extensions, as at the time of compiling this answers, are: .COM, .NET, .ORG. But more and more extensions are being released and climbing up the popularity ladder. These include, .CO, .CLUB, .XYZ, etc.

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Quite often people only remember the name of the company but not the name of the actual website. Having multiple domains centered around your name and business increases the chances of the traffic going to you and not the competition
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No. In fact, some hosting services allow you to host unlimited number of domains on one account. All you have to do is change the nameservers of the new domain, so that they point to your existing website or give us a call and we will do it for you.
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No, you don't need to register on the system before you can bid for or buy a domain name. Just send your offer/bid for the domain name that caught your attention. Once we receive your offer, we will get in contact with you with details on how to proceed further.

However, you may choose to register if you have long term interests or want to bid for several domains at a time.

Registration is necessary in order to track all transactions, add domain(s) to your watchlist, make payment if necessary, track your bidding history, receive notifications etc. Please see our terms of service and slso our privacy policy You do not need to register to search for, browse or read information about a domain name listed for sale.

How domain auction (bidding process) works

As rule, during the auction (listing/bidding) period for a domain there will be multiple offers. At the end of the auction, the highest bid wins the auction. During the auction period we add the domain name to the Watching List for each member who made an offer, automatically notify them of the changes, and provide a link to the auction page. To make tracking easier, the listing ID for a particular domain does not change. if several bids are submitted in the final moments of an auction, the system entends the length of the auction and notifies other potential buyers/bidders in order to allow them the opportunity to bid on the domain before the auction finally ends. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder win the auction and can purchase the domain name if the Reserve Price was met for the auction.

Can I cancel my Bid for an on-going auction?

No. Bids cannot be canceled. We take the integrity of domain name auctions seriously, and want to make sure both buyers and sellers are protected. Before you bid, make sure you do your research. Each bid submitted on our auction platform is a binding contract. Violating this rule may result in banning you from participating in any future activities on our website, including restriction of access from your IP or even country.

Why didn’t I win my auction?

Although you were the highest bidder at the end of an auction, you may not have won the domain because the reserve price may not have been met or the system extended the auction and another bidder won. If the seller sets a reserve price and the auction ends without meeting the reserve, the domain does not sell to the highest bidder. You can tell whether a seller set a reserve price, but you cannot view the price. To win auctions that include reserves, you must meet or exceed the reserve price.

How Does Domain Name Escrow Work?

Escrow is an account or service held by an independent, trusted third party in a transaction process on behalf of transacting parties. You can use escrow for domain names, website development, custom programming, or any other intellectual property matter. In a domain name escrow, an independent, trusted company acts as a third-party agent in the selling-buying process. The escrow agent connects the buyer to the seller, and ensures that both parties receive exactly what was agreed to before the purchase. In other words, the buyer will only receive the domain name once the seller has paid the escrow. And the seller will only receive the compensation for the domain name once it has been transferred to the buyer. The third party escrow agent will not only collect and disburse funds, but will also verify domain name ownership prior to the transaction, collect documents or other important materials from the seller, and execute the agreement based on contractual prerequisites.

What are the Reasons for Using Domain Name Escrow?

Domain name escrow is employed because it is the safe way in online transaction of a domain name. This employment ensures a buyer that a domain will be obtained and on the other hand the seller will be paid. In other words, when the seller and buyer do not know each other, it is a system that they can trust to protect their online investment. Although different escrow company will apply different service, in general, the following is the detail of benefits for the buyer and seller.

Domain name buyer escrow benefits include:

Security: Since the money is hold by the escrow company, there is very little opportunity for the buyer to lose the money without getting the domain name. Additionally, the buyer feels secure because details of credit card or other financial information are only disclosed to a trusted institution. Assurance of a Domain: Once the buyer sends the money to the escrow company, the company will inspect and notify the seller to send the domain name. Therefore, the buyer will be able to confirm domain ownership before disbursement. Convenience: A buyer can use various method of payment like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Paypal, check or money order. An escrow company will provide quality customer suppor; you can reach them by phone or email.

Domain name seller benefits include:

Security: Before transferring the domain, the seller will obtain payment verification. Therefore, the seller is also protected against credit card fraud, lack of funding or credit card chargeback. The escrow company will disburse the money once provisions are met. Convenience: The seller can choose various methods to receive the payment. In addition, the company will also provide access to customer support via phone or email.  

What is the Process of Domain Name Escrow?

In general, the process of domain name escrow involves collecting the money, pushing the seller to transfer the domain name to the buyer and disbursing the money to the seller. However, there are also companies which hold both the money and the domain into a holding account to prevent the seller receive the fund without domain name transfer. The following is the general process of a transaction using the domain name escrow.
  1. Agreement between Buyer and Seller. After registering with an escrow company, both parties should agree to the terms of transaction which basically involves price, domain name, method and date of payment.
  2. Payment to Escrow Company The buyer transfers the money to the escrow company using approved payment method. Once the payment is confirmed, the company will notify the seller to transfer the domain name. In some cases, the seller has already transferred the domain name to the escrow company.
  3. Domain Name Transition. The escrow company will prompt the seller to work with the buyer and registrar to change the domain name ownership. Different procedures apply to different registrars.
  4. Confirmation of Domain Name Ownership by Buyer. Once the buyer confirms the domain name ownership, the escrow company will inspect whether WHOIS information reflects the buyer’s profile.
  5. Disbursement of the Money to the Seller After the escrow company inspects, checks and verifies that the domain name has changed ownership, the seller receives the money and the transaction is complete.

What other Alternatives to Domain Name Escrow?

  • Fast or Instant Transfer: If the sum of transaction is not much (up to $500), you may choose to use less protracted payment method such as Paypal. The buyer makes payment, and the domain name ownership is transferred to him within 48hours. This process may take longer, depending on your domain registrar. Generally, the process of buying a domain takes a few days to a week and is “pretty much guaranteed” that you’ll get the domain name if you pay the money.
  • An Attorney: An attorney can help you draft a sales contract that clearly outlines the purchase agreement. You can write the contract to state that the defaulting party pays the fees of the court or arbitration.
Different companies may provide different services related to domain name escrow. Both buyer and seller should make sure that agreed escrow process provides a clear fee structure, step-by-step confirmation, and guaranteed transaction timeline.

How does the seller move the domain name to the buyer’s account?

After a domain name sale completes, the seller must move the domain name to the buyer’s account. The method to move the domain name and the person who must initiate the move depends on the seller and buyer’s accounts:
  • If the buyer and seller have accounts with different registrars, then the buyer (new registrant) must initiate a domain name transfer. This method moves the domain name from one registrar company to another and, for most top-level domain names (TLDs), includes a one-year extension of the current registration period. If you are the buyer, contact your registrar for more information about initiating the transfer. Most of our domain names are registered with GoDaddy.
For information about transfers to and from GoDaddy, see Preparing to Transfer Domain Names to GoDaddy andTransferring Domain Names to Another Registrar.
  • If the buyer and seller both have GoDaddy accounts, then the seller must initiate an account change. This method, also known as a registrant transfer, moves the domain name to another account at the same registrar. The domain name expiration date does not change because an account change does not include a registration extension.
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We offer domain names for sale from our curated portfolio. All domains have their price tags and are listed under specific category. A domain may be listed under several categories, if it's usage is versatile. Featured domains are displayed on the home page in sliding box. Initially, only four domains are displayed. The slide is scrollable. To display more domains, scroll forward or backward by usingi the arrows at the top right. featured-domain-slide   Recently added domains are also displayed on the home page, sorted by the date they were listed for sale. recently-added-domain-names-for-sale You can seach for domain name either by:
  • using the quick searh box, located on top of every page;
  • selecting and clicking the category you are interested in;
  • click on the domain name (or more details button). A new page will open.

Domain page/brochure

Each domain has its own page, where you can get full information about the domain.
  • click on the domain name (or more details button). A new page will open.
  • on the page, clicking on the necessary tab, you can get full information about the domain.
Description tab - domain name, possible usages of the domain name, tips, other misc. info Details tab - categories under which the domain has been listed, keywords or tags relating to the the domain. Further down the tab you also have access to a very powerful and useful feature of the domain, age, page rank, traffic data, backlinks etc. - domain fact sheet or brochure. Domain fact sheet displays statistics data relating to the domain name. Domain Age, Alexa Global Rank, Alexa Country Rank, Google PageRank, Google backlinks, Google+ shared, Twitter Mentions, LinkedIn Shares, Pinterest shared, Facebook total, FB shared, FB Likes, FB Comments, FB CommentsBox, FB Clicks. domain-fact-sheet-brochure   Contact tab - a standard feedback form to send message to the owner of the domain name. Your message must be related to the domain.

Buy Now or Bid for a domain name?

Still on the domain page. On the right sidebar is located the "Bid / Buy Now" block containing information about the possible options of purchasing a domain listed for sale. domain-bid-or-buy-domain-name

Make Offer (Bid) Option

- If a domain name is listed for sale with bidding option, then the auction has a time laspe, after which the auction must end. - In addition, the auction has a reserved price. Reserve price is the minimum price the seller is ready to accept for a domain name. The actual reserved price is not displayed. Only a note indicating if the reserved price has been met or not will be displayed. - The seller can not increase the reserve price once it has been met. - You can still submit your bid/offer, if the auction has not expired. - If the reserve price is met and the auction ends, the seller is obliged to sell the domain name to the highest bidder, even if the bid is less than the (Buy Now price, if indicated). - If the reserve price is NOT met and the auction ends, the seller is NOT obliged to sell the domain name even to the highest bidder. see the FAQ section If Buy Now price is indicated in the auction options, then.anyone can buy the domain without participating in the auction nor waiting for the auction end time. The auction closes and all bids are nuliified. 1. You can express your interest in a domain by either submiting your offer, that is, bidding for a domain name. Enter the amount you are ready to pay for the domain name. The amount must be greater than the current price and then click the Make Offer button. 2. When you submit an offer, we can either accept it, reject it or we can send you a counter offer. In any case, you'll be notified via your account email. There is no obligation to accept an offer on either side. 3. If we accept your bid (offer) or you accept our counter bid offer, the sale ends, and you must be ready to make payment for the domain name. 4. If you accept our counter offer the Buy Now price (by clicking the Buy Now button).then the domain name is temporarily blocked and remove from the listing for 7 days. Within this period you must make Payment to finalize the sales.

Buy Now Option

Buy Now option is a straight forward process. It enables you to immediately purchase a domain name without the stress and long to-and-fro negotiations, communications and uncertainity involved in bidding. If there is a Buy Now option included in the purchasing options for a domain name, then sale ends when you accept the Buy Now price by clicking the Buy Now button. 1. You can express your interest in a domain by purchasing the domain name straight away by clicking the Buy Now button. 2. When you submit to purchase a domain with Buy Now, we are obliged to accept your offer at the stipulated Buy Now price. You will be directed to initiate the payment process.

Purchasing a Domain Name You Won

1. When you win an auction for a domain name (either by Bidding or Buy Now), the domain name is temporarily blocked or/and removed from the listing. Within 7 days you are obliged to make Payment to finalize the sales. 2. Depending on the amount (sale price) invloved, you may demand for domain sales contract to be signed betweeen you and us. 3. Depending on the amount (sale price) invloved, we can arrange payment through an Escrow service or ask you to pay directly to our paypal account. Escrow service is designed to protect you and guarantee that money and domain name are exchanged when a deal is made. You may read more about Escrow service in the FAQ section. We send an email message to you with complete instructions for initiating the transaction. To Purchase Domain Names You Won by auction
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Hover your mouse over Bidding List, and then select Won.
  3. Click Pay for this domain, and then continue through the checkout process.
If you submit your payment using Escrow services, verifies the funds. This verification takes up to five days. If the amount involved is not more than $500, you may opt to pay through Paypal.

Domain Ownership Transfer

please see our Frequently Asked Section (FAQ)