A Must-Read Before You Buy A Domain Name

By NameCape

Posted on 7 Jul 2017 01:00:10

This post is for people who are new to domain names and domain name investing. Values of top-tier domain names are very significant. It’s not uncommon for premium domain names to be sold for 6 and 7 figures. Below is a list of criteria to weigh when considering a premium domain name for your business.

1. Exact match word(s) that name a product, service, industry etc.

A one or two-word domain name that represents a large business category or geographic location (for example) will always command a premium. Examples of this include:,,,, etc. Names like this are often referred to as category defining domain names.

2. Short names / acronyms

Acronyms are always high in demand because they are easy to type and easy to remember. Two letter .com domains like and have a very high value, and three letter .com names like are worth a significant sum as well. In fact, a two or three letter .com – if bought at the right price, will be a stable investment.

3. .com

While there are a few exceptions to this rule, in order for a domain to be classifed as a true premium name, it should be of the .com extension. There have been some solid historical sales in other TLDs like and – but most highly valued domain names are .com.

4. One-word brandable names

Names like or have value as a brand name for a corporation/business. Even though they don’t name an exact product or service, these names are always in demand as branding assets.

5. Domains with a high search volume

Premium domains typically name a word or term that is searched often on Google. The volume of searches can be found by using Google’s Keyword Tool and it is listed on free domain appraisal websites like and If a word or phrase is searched often in Google, then there will be more advertisers competing for the eyeballs related to these searches. The exact-match domain name for these highly searched phrases will have value.

6. Names with high advertiser competition

If you Google a product or service and you see a lot of high level advertisers competing for the traffic, then the exact-match name in that space will have value. Example: If you Google “Mortgage” you will see many well-funded advertisers competing for pay per click traffic. Therefore, it can be assumed that has big value.

7. Is the TREND positive or negative?

Go to There you can learn the trends of domain searches for specific words and terms. If the trend is positive (going up) then you may have a hot domain for a while. If the trend is downward, the peak value of the name may have already passed. 3D, Eco, Nano, VR (virtual reality) are some of the latest trends. Source:

Other factors that may directly have decisive impact on the price of a domain name

8. Availability of alternative domain extensions

Good domains are rare. This axiom also includes not just the domain name, but also availability of other extensions of the name itself. Domains with available (alternative) extensions are comparatively less valuable than domains with all alternative extensions taken. For example, try to register,,, or other sex.extension. They are all taken.

9. Age (registration date) of the domain name

Domain Age also matters. One of the biggest factors used to determine the rank of a website is the age of the domain. Domain age is how long has a domain been registered. For example, a domain registered in 1995 is potentially more valuable than one registered in 2008. Domain age makes a big difference in SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, too. It makes sense that older websites will have more grounds to boost their credibility, in the same way that domains which are registered for more than a year lend more credibility to the stability of their website. CONCLUSION These are the major factors we take into due consideration when deciding on the price tags we attached to the domains we offer for sale from our current folio. Note that not all premium domain names are brandable or easily remembered. For your business website, If you have a choice, you should always give preference to brandable domain name with age and page rank. Please check the marketplace or contact us if you encounter problems in choosing your next domain name.

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